Cadmium Rose

My Story

We all have stories to tell. Some wonderful, some more difficult, stories that hurt, that make you stronger, stories that make you smile. They make us who we are, and we show ourselves beautiful to the world, with scars of all we have lived. You are strong and powerful, you're beautiful. Your story makes you unique... Be your story, DRESS YOUR STORY

I'm Nur, urban warrior, designer of ideas, arquitect of dresses and dancer of emotions. In love with the extravagant, baroque and antique.

I'm growing  step by step Cadmium Rose, Filling it with everything i love in life. She makes me grow, she makes me stronger, she makes me wiser, she makes me happy. Because everything i want is at the other side of fear.

Cadmium Rose designs and creates everything a woman can wear. We're in love with sophisticated traveler curious strong women with passions and goals that move their body. We're inspired by tribal dance and in love with it's extravagant, ornate, feminine and alternative style. It's charms and endless details. It's movements and textures.

Influenced by trends post-apocalyptic, steampunk, rock, punk, vintage, ...

We believe in small productions and unique garments, made with little treasures that bring their own story to each creation. Garments with an alternative flavour, elegant dresses, rough edges, antique embroidered fabrics, buttons and feathers from the 20's.

Everything we make is designed, cutted, and sewn in the inspiring city of Barcelona.

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