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Image of Golden Grey Zardozi Eclipse Crystal Crown Headpiece

Golden Grey Zardozi Eclipse Crystal Crown Headpiece

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Gorgerous vintage crown, one of a kind. Big center vintage piece, antique piece made of zardozi embroidery in gold metal threads on grey. Old lamp crystals and rhinestones all over it make this crown a unique piece that will catch all gazes.

So easy to wear, light but steady, it fixes to your head with an elastic band behind the neck. Can be used for dancing porpouses as it stays fixed in your head during all your movements including turns.
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We all have stories to tell. Some wonderful, some more difficult, stories that hurt, that make you stronger, stories that make you smile. They make us who we are, and we show ourselves beautiful to the world, with scars of all we have lived. You are strong and powerful, you're beautiful. Your story makes you unique... Be your story, DRESS YOUR STORY

All items in Cadmium Rose are designed and made carefully in the inspiring city of Barcelona, and all of them are limited edition or even one of a kind. We take seriously your unique style, your unique story.

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